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Diddy Kong
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I think these two should be included in child love interests

Joey and Missy carebears episode 3 Braces
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Why can't we have Protagonist Love Interests?

Why can we not have Protagonist characters who are love interests? I mean i think it would be cool if we had them. For example I did not add in Danny Phantom because that was added by someone else. The only two Protagonist characters I added in were Mowgli and Steven Universe. Can we please have Protagonist love interests?
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Wiki Admin

This wiki needs an admin (or some admins)

Who in this community would be the best person to have the admin badge and look after the wiki and the people there?
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Welcome to Discussions!

This is a new space for everyone who loves love interests. Talk about your favorite love stories here.

It's also a place where people on the Love Interest Wiki can talk to each other and work out how to make the wiki grow.
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