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Aisha is the love interest of Adam and Rocky from Mighty Morphin: Power Rangers season 2 and season 3.

Her StoryEdit

She is first seen roller blading in the park at Angel Grove when they see their teacher crying for help as a stroller rolls away.

The three try to save it, but Tommy, Billy and Kimberly had to help out and save it.

She, Adam and Rocky first meet Tommy, Billy and Kimberly.

She, Adam and Rocky competed in the ninja competition against the current champions. It was very difficult, but the three won. 

After the White Ranger tries to save the Blue Ranger by removing his helmet, she, Adam and Rocky discovered their idenitites as she, Adam and Rocky entered the command center and meet Zordon.


Aisha after joining the Mighty Morphin Rangers along with Rocky and Adam


Aisha as the second Yellow Power Ranger

When Jason, Zack and Trini were selected to attend a Peace Confrence in Switzerland, Tommy transferred the Red, Black and Yellow powers to her, Adam and Rocky as Aisha was selected to take Trini's place as the second Yellow Ranger.

She, Adam and Rocky were transferred to Angel Grove High and Aisha has feelings for both Adam and Rocky as Aisha tries to hook up on Adam to show that she loves her.

After the destruction of the Thunderzords and the Power Coins.

Aisha and the others meet Ninjor as Aisha becomes the Yellow Ninja Ranger and controls the Bear Ninjazord and the Yellow Shogunzord.

She becomes friends with Kat after Katherine becomes the second Pink Ranger.

After Rita Repulsa's father, Master Vile reversed time and transformed the Rangers into children, the Ranger were sent to different parts of the world to find the Zeo Crystal.


Aisha as a child in Africa

In the end, she gives her Yellow Zeo Crystal to a girl named Tanya to take her place as she decides to stay in Africa as Adam and Rocky wave goodbye to her.