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Akane Kimidori




Dr. Slump & Arale-chan (manga 1980)


Student/work in the Coffee Pot





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Akane Kimidori (木緑あかね; lit. "Yellow-Green Dark Red") is a main character of Dr. Slump anime and manga. She is Arale Norimaki's trouble making "bad-girl" friend, the love interest and later girlfriend of Tsukutsun, and possibly the former girlfriend of Taro, she not is unconscious feelings for her Tsukutsun, but also seems to have feelings for Tsukutsun (but it does not show it openly as Arale and Tsururin) , at the beginning of the series she and Taro seemed boyfriends (though later reveal that they are cousins). At the end of the series she becomes the girlfriend of Tsukutsun, and 10 years later in future they marry.

Biography Edit

Dr. Slump Edit

When she was 13 years old, Akane met Arale in Midori Yamabuki's 7th grade class when Arale was assigned to be desk partners with her. After the school day was over, Akane became annoyed with Arale as she followed her after school to where she met up with her cousins Taro and Peasuke. Akane quickly gained Peasuke and Taro's respect after witnessing Arale strength and eventually she became Arale's best friend.

When Arale was still new to school, Akane became Arale's manager and charged the kids money to see if their clubs at school were good enough for Arale's talent.

Later, Senbei, Arale and Peasuke used Mr. Time to go the Prehistoric Ages where they find the egg that hatched Gatchan, while Akane could not make it because she was sick that day. However, Akane does meet Gatchan soon after, but differently between the manga and anime. In the manga, she met Gatchan at the time Senbei was launching his Cola Plane, but in the anime she met Gatchan earlier, when Senbei and Arale were on their way back to their house after buying Milk for it.

Dragon Ball Edit

Akane speaks to the gang while at the coffee pot about what their plans are for spring break. Akane tells everyone that their choices were all lame and boring. Later on she was pulled over for speeding by Taro, just prior to Goku's warning of the Red Ribbon Army being in Penguin Village. Akane tries to test out the Flying Nimbus but it rejects her because she is not pure of heart. She then goes to tell Tsukutsun about Goku but he does not believe her.

The Future Edit

The Future Camera shows Akane at the age of 23 and later shows that she at least lives up to being 73 years old. She marries with Tsukutsun, and goes to meet the Coffee Pot at the age of 28. In spite of this, Akane dies off screen at the age of 43 due to an event in Dragon Ball Z where the Earth gets destroyed, though shortly afterwards she and the rest of the Earth gets revived by the Namekian Dragon Balls while Goku is having the final battle with Kid Buu.

Gallery Edit

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