Alyssa Enrile is Girlfriend of Cole Evans from Power Rangers Wild Force.

Her StoryEdit

She is the White Wild Force Ranger.

She is the kind nurturing member of the group.

She tried to keep peace between Cole and Taylor who would have conflicting ideas on what would be best for the team.

She is also a good cook and reads stories to her friends, Danny and Max.

There is a hint of romance between Alyssa and Cole, but it is unknown if they are a couple.

She was very good at martial arts and Alyssa moved to Turtle Cove and attended college.

She then helps Cole found out about his parents death to show that she loves him.

In the Time Force team up, she battled the Putrids alongside Jen the Pink Time Force Ranger.

After the defeat of the Orgs, she graduated from college and became a kindergarten teacher.

In the final episode, she is seen telling her story to her class in a style of a fairy tale, making her the narrator of the entire season.