Sonic Boom Amy 2

Amy Rose

Amy Rose is the love interest of Sonic the Hedgehog in Sonic Boom since she's more mature and much better than her old self.

This time, she is not obsessed or constantly fawning over Sonic and is very shy about admitting her true feelings for him like when she got especially nervous when UT almost told the gang about her crush.

As such, she tries to cover up and even flat out denying any hint towards them (though it appears clear to others than Sonic).

They're a lot of hint for Sonic and Amy like Sonic saving Amy, go out together, Sonic want to see what Amy is doing, Amy was afraid that U.T almost revealed her true feelings for Sonic and Amy keep a picture of Sonic.


Amy is brainy (according to Sticks the Badger, stating that Amy Rose is even smarter than Tails), independent, strong, and confident. She is a natural leader and organizer but also perfectionist who need everything to be just right and she tends to take charge of everyone around her, though the latter is just because she knows what others want before they do.

She's sweet and has ballerina-like gracefulness, but also a capable and tough cookie. For all her confidence though, she is sometimes shy about admitting her true feelings for others.

Amy is most of the time the sensible member on her team. She is eager to help her friends and takes care of them all, making her somewhat the mother of her group. She is fair-minded and is the first to give support if someone is in need, regardless of past transgressions while attempting to understand both sides of an argument to keep the peace and solve the problem.

She is also very bright, peppy and an optimist, though it makes her sometimes come off as naïve, and when on a mission she tries to keep the team optimistic as much as she can. In spite of this, she can be rather temperamental when pushed too far.

Amy is extremely fond and emotionally attached to her piko hammer, which is her most precious possession, as she got hysterical and sunk into a depression when she lost it. She considers it her identity and that she is nothing without it.

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