Angela mmrp
Angela is the love interest of Zack Taylor in the first season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Her StoryEdit

Zack attempted to win the affections for her, often to no avail. She would turn him down several times before eventually going on a date with him to a fancy French restaurant along with Tommy and Kimberly who are also on a date.

However, after Zack gave her the fake pearls which were from the Oysterizer monster, Zack was able to fight the Oysterizer monster using Tommy's Green Ranger shield to free Angela from the spell. Zack tries to explain to her what happened, but Angela angrily storms off. After Zack and the Rangers defeated the Oysterizer monster. In the end, Zack is able to make up with Angela by singing her a ballad with Bulk and Skull providing the music as Zack returns his feelings to Angela.

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