Anna mcdoogles

Anna McDoogles is Mark Bellison's love interest in The Invention of Lying.

Biography Edit

Like every other character in the film who isn't Mark, Anna is incapable of lying or even keeping things to herself. Unlike all the other attractive people, she does not look down on others or intentionally insult them, though constantly stating their negative traits do make her seem just as mean. She's a terrible cook, but for some reason no-one's ever criticised her about it.

She is looking for a husband to provide for her and give her genetically-blessed children. Over the course of the film Anna learns that there's more to a person than their genes or physical appearance, which is best seen when she comforts an overweight child who was being bullied and tells him that he's got a lot of good things going for him.

Romances Edit

Mark Bellison Edit

Anna agrees to go on a date with Mark, despite his dead-end job and unattractive appearance. Despite being constantly reminded of his failings, Mark sees something in Anna and persists with her. After using his newfound ability to lie, Mark invents religion and manages to become the wealthiest man in town and convinces Anna to go on another date with him. When it seems like Anna is going to marry Mark's rival Brad, Mark tells her that he'll always find her beautiful even when she's too old to have children. When Anna asks Mark what the Man in the Sky he constantly talks about would want her to do, Mark finds himself unable to lie to her out of guilt and says she should just be happy. In the end, Anna decides that Mark would be a better husband regardless of his flaws. They get married and have a child together, whom despite being overweight has also inherited his father's ability to lie.

Brad Kessler Edit

Brad is a handsome and successful - yet extremely obnoxious - coworker of Mark. He decides to court Anna purely because she's young and attractive. Anna obliges him only because he and her mother keep reminding her that she needs to find a husband while she can still have children. Brad goes as far as to remind Anna that she should marry him now before she ages and loses her looks. Anna very reluctantly agrees to marry Brad, but visits Mark in the hopes that he can convince her otherwise. Mark is too depressed at the news of her marriage and refuses to see her until the wedding day, at which point he arrives and tells Anna that he wants he to be happy. Anna leaves Brad at the altar and runs away with Mark.

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