Arnolda (left) with Arnold himself (right)

is the love interest and date of Arnold the Pit Bull in only one episode of Tiny Toon Adventures. This episode is "Prom-Ise Her Anything." She appears when Buster asks "Arnold" where "his" date is, only to find out that "Arnold" really IS Arnold's date. It is when the real Arnold arrives and reveals her name to them, and says she is "the only girl [he] knows who's better looking than [him]." They dance together. Later, they are seen when Elmyra roughly dances with Montana Max and accidentally hits the pit bull dates on the head with him, and later, they are seen again when Bugs and Buster are doing the former's dance, joining in, only accidentally flattening Hamton.

Arnolda was voiced by Tress MacNeille who also voiced Babs throughout the series.

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