Asami Sato

Asami Sato is a character from The Legend of Korra, in the first season she's introduced as Mako's girlfriend and Korra's love rival. In the fourth, she becomes Korra's love interest instead.

Asami is the only child of the wealthy industrialist, Hiroshi Sato, owner of Future Industries. Although a nonbender, when she discovered that her father was working with the Equalists, she refused his offer to join, rejected his hatred of benders, and actively fought against the Equalists as a member of the new Team Avatar. After her father's imprisonment, she became the new Chief Executive Officer of Future Industries, planning to bring the company back to the peak of economic dominance and restore its reputation.

Her relationship with Korra didn't start well, since Korra was jealous of Asami's relationship with her then love interest Mako. However, they eventually became friends and Asami didn't resent Korra when Mako broke up with her to be with Korra. She and Mako briefly went back together after Mako broke up with Korra, but it ended when Mako went back together with an amnesiac Korra.

She and Korra become very close through the third and fourth season as they bond from their experiences as Mako's girlfriends. At the end of the series, they go on a vacation to the Spirit world. Were they probably kissed or something but, five days after the the series the creaters officially announced that Asami and Korra are bisexual.Therefore people have different views and feeling on the announcement,but it's just a TV show can't change it.


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