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Asuna Yuuki


Lightning Flash
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Queen Titania


Sword Art Online


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Gamer and Swordswoman

Asuna (real name Asuna Yuuki) is the main female protagonist of the anime and light novel series, Sword Art Online. She is the second in command of the Knights of the Blood, known as Lightning Flash. She is also the adoptive mother of Yui and is the main love interest of Kirito.



Asuna comes from a wealthy family consisting of her parents and older brother, where her father is the President of RECT. Inc. Since childhood, she grew up with Sugou Nobuyuki, but unknown to her parents, she secretly hates him as he sexually harass' Asuna. Eventually at some point, Asuna's parents decided he would be her future husband while still completely unaware of his true nature. Asuna has a complicated relationship with her family as she has a strained relationship with her mother, but is more close to her father. Asuna was also close with her grandparents on her mother's side, always going to their home for summer holidays. Asuna also attended an all-girls school. On the day Sword Art Online was released, Asuna's brother originally bought the game for himself, but had to attend business meetings and thus allowed Asuna to enjoy the game instead. Due to this, Asuna along with everyone became trapped in Sword Art Online.

Life in SAOEdit

In the beginning, Asuna hated being trapped in the game, crying herself to sleep and tried her hardest to stay alive, not wanting to die in-game as well as losing her identity of who she is. She first met Kirito and Agil during the first boss fight and as she and Kirito partnered up together for the first time and was present when Kirito was declared a Beater (a combination of a Beta Tester and Cheater).

While being trapped in SAO, Asuna put all her time and effort into becoming one of the strongest player, gaining the nickname "Lighting Flash". She later joined the Knights of the Blood Oath, a medium-sized guild acknowledged as the strongest guild in Aincrad and eventually became second in command. Throughout her time in SAO, Asuna made several friends, including her best friend Lizbeth while gaining the attention of many admirers. Being extremely attractive and one of the few girls that play SAO, she received many marriages proposals, but always turned them down. Asuna and Kirito both also developed a somewhat strained relationship in the beginning as both had different perspectives of being trapped in SAO. Originally, Asuna hated being trapped in the virtual world, believing the more they were trapped it was another day lost in the real world until she was inspired by Kirito, showing her life could still be enjoyed. The relationship between them quickly began to change and eventually as time past, Asuna and Kirito fall in love and they soon marry in-game.

Asuna & Kirito S1E11 (3)

Asuna and Kirito enjoying their honeymoon

Once they get married, Asuna and Kirito decide to honeymoon on the 22nd floor, taking a leave of absence of the Knights of the Blood Oath. During this time, they met a lost little girl named Yui and quickly they develop a close bond with her. They begin searching for Yuu's family and after certain events lead them to help a fellow player rescue her husband from a dungeon on the first floor of Aincrad. Asuna and Kirito were nearly killed but were surprisingly saved by Yui. She revealed herself to be an AI and was suppose to be a counsellor to those suffering in the game, but to unknown problems wasn't allowed to interact with the players. During the two years she watched at how everyone was suffering, but noticed that Asuna and Kirito were different and wanted to get to know them.

Realizing Yui truly had real human qualities despite being an AI, Asuna and Kirito become her adoptive parents. However, Yui was nearly deleted from the system for good due to saving Asuna and Kirito, but thankfully, Kirito managed to save her life, by turning her into a game object. Since then, Asuna and Kirito went back to enjoy their honeymoon, but discovered they had to return to face a serious boss fight as the game was shown to have become more dangerous. Shortly after the boss fight, Kirito revealed shocking news to everyone, discovering Commander Heathcliff was Akihiko Kayaba. While Asuna along with the rest of the players became poisoned, Akihiko Kayaba gives Kirito a chance to free everyone from SAO, promising their freedom if he manages to defeat him. Asuna is against Kirito fighting him and becomes devastated when Kirito requests she be prevented from committing suicide if he died failing to gain everyone's freedom.

Asuna & Kirito S1E14 (6)

Asuna dies in Kirito's arms after sacrificing herself

When Kirito was about to be killed, Asuna sacrifices herself to save him from a killing blow by Heathcliff, leaving Kirito devastated and almost no will left to fight. However, Kirito soon managed to regain his strength and defeated Heathcliff, but died in the process and found himself above Aincrad and reunited with Asuna and met Akihiko Kayaba. During their final moments together, Asuna and Kirito reveal their real world names to each other. Kirito breaks down into tears, apologizing to Asuna for not fulfilling his promise to save her and return to the real world. Asuna assures Kirito as she is already happy with the time she got to spend with him and once again declares her love to Kirito as they disappear. However, much to his surprise, Kirito discovers he and Asuna didn't actually die, discovering their death was only in-game and not in the real world.

Trapped in ALOEdit

However, despite the completion of SAO, Asuna doesn't wake up, including 300 other players. While everyone believed Akihiko Kayaba was keeping them imprisoned for reasons unknown, the real truth was more sinister and evil. Sugou Nobuyuki, Asuna's arranged fiancé had gained access to the SAO servers and routed 300 players, including Asuna so he could secretly experiment with the human mind. He began working on illegal experiments to manipulate the human mind, emotions, memories etc and would sell the information he gained from the experiments to other companies in the United States. He imprisoned Asuna in the virtual world called ALfheim Online, a game owned by Asuna's father's company. Sugou forced her to play the role of Titania the Queen of the Fairies, while he played Oberon the Fairy King. Asuna remained a prisoner at the top of the World Tree inside a bird and was constantly visted by Sugou. He tried to force her to accept the marriage between them, knowing they would soon be married in the real world despite her coma while continuing to sexually harass her.

Asuna & Kirito S1E22

Asuna and Kirito realize how close they are, but are still so far apart.

However, Asuna remains strong during her captivity and vows once escaping ALO and returning to the real world, she will inform the police of his illegal experiments. Asuna strongly believes Kirito will somehow managed to save her while constantly refusing Sugou's advances. While Sugou is aware of the love between Asuna and Kirito, he believes neither of them holds any threat to stop him or ruin his plans. Once learning from Sugou that Kirito is alive after the events from SAO, she becomes more greatly determined to escape from ALO and reunite with Kirito. She planned her first attempt to escape from ALO, secretly gaining the code, allowing her to escape from her bird cage and nearly succeeded in freeing herself from ALO, but was caught during her escape attempt. Despite her recapture, Asuna didn't lose hope in escaping and vowed she will find a way to be free as well as finding and reuniting with Kirito. Eventually, sometime later, Asuna heard Yui calling out to her. Hearing Yuu's voice caused Asuna to realize Kirito and Yui were close to saving her, but needed to find a way to assure them of her location. She managed to throw down an Admin Access Card she managed to acquire during her escape attempt to show them she is in fact trapped at the top of the World Tree.

Everntually, after gaining help from several allies during his quest, Kirito finally managed to get to the top of the World Tree and was at long last reunited with Asuna. They happily reunited with each other after being apart for so long, but their happy reunion was short lived when they were ambushed by Sugou. He decided to experiment with their minds, but first decided to torture both Asuna and Kirito. Sugou stabbed Kirito with his own sword while he chained Asuna and began to sexually assault her right in front of Kirito. However, Kirito soon managed to gain access to the service using Akihiko Kayaba's Heathcliff ID and battled against Sugou, punishing him for all the suffering he caused Asuna, soon defeating him. Completing his quest and gaining vengeance, Kirito frees Asuna from the ALO, finally returning her to the real world and promising to see her soon.

Asuna & Kirito S1E25 (5)

Asuna and Kirito happily spending time together in the real world.

Shortly after Asuna returns to the real world, she and Kirito finally and properly meet each other for the first time and a share passionate romantic kiss. Several months later, Asuna, Kirito and most of the other SAO survivors began attending the special SAO Survivor School to help catch up with their education after being trapped inside Sword Art Online for two years as well as checking in their mental health. Asuna, Kirito and their friends continue to play ALfheim Online and Asuna creates an account for herself, becoming an Undine. Asuna and Kirito also continue their relationship, more in love than ever while also expressing their desire for marriage in the future.

Personal Struggles and Meeting YuukiEdit

A year later after the events of both SAO and ALO, Asuna began facing personal struggles within her family which she kept hidden from everyone, including Kirito. Asuna's mother had wanted Asuna to transfer to another school to get ready for collage, being behind in her school work due to being trapped in Sword Art Online. Asuna was angry with her mother trying to control her life and not listening to her own wants or needs. Asuna also became hurt and shocked when her mother revealed her disapproval of her relationship with Kirito, believing he isn't worthy of Asuna and instead tries to force her daughter into another arranged marriage. Asuna became further upset, seeing her mother wasn't only trying to control her life with school and a potential career, but trying to force her to leave Kirito for someone supposedly better as another step for a potential future. While Asuna refused her mother's desires and orders, she felt helpless and believed she held no power in the real world compared to how she previously was in SAO.

However, Asuna soon began to regain confidence in her life in the real world upon meeting Yuuki, an extremely strong new player in ALfheim Online. Yuuki was revealed to be suffering from AIDS and have spent three years inside the virtual world, to sick to experience life in the real world. Despite her hardships, Yuuki was shown to be incredibly strong and brave and enjoyed life to the fullest despite her condition and thus inspired Asuna to regain control of her life in the real world. Asuna showed her mother her love of the virtual world by bringing her into ALO and revealing a certain location, specifically a cabin similar to one that belonged to her deceased grandparents. Asuna reminded her mother of how much of her own parents loved her and expressed how proud they were and in the process, Asuna fully expresses her own wants and desires for her future. Due to this, Asuna and her mother finally began to understand and connect with each other, slowly beginning to improve their relationship shown when Asuna's mother allowed her to remain at the SAO Survivor School.



Asuna and Kirito first met each other during the battle against the first boss fight. They partnered up together, but Asuna didn't get close to Kirito and tried to keep her distance from him, but Kirito still made the effort to bond and speak with each other. During the battle against the first boss, Asuna and Kirito work well together, both shown to be in perfect sync. Since parting ways with each other after the first boss fight, Asuna and Kirito didn't get along well as both had different opinions of being trapped in Sword Art Online. Asuna originally felt the more they were trapped in SAO it was another day lost in the real world, while Kirito still enjoyed life in SAO despite being trapped. Eventually, Asuna and Kirito's relationship began to change when they worked together to solve a murder in a safe zone and soon they both began to understand each other better.

Since then, Asuna and Kirito both began to develop romantic feelings for each other and as their feelings grew stronger, Asuna and Kirito came to realize they had deeply fallen in love with each other. They soon begin to form a close relationship together as they learn more things about each other. Kirito learns about Asuna's cooking skills and Asuna learns why Kirito refuses to join guilds and keeps his distance from others. They also brought out the best in each other as their influence on one another helped them with their own personal struggles. Asuna became inspired by Kirito to enjoy life in SAO to the fullest despite being trappped. Kirito also slowly started to become more open and closer towards others after developing a gradually growing relationship with Asuna.

Asuna and Kirito's feelings for one another are also shown to be incredibly obvious as shown before they officially got together many of their friends such as Liz and Klein easily discovered their love for each other and enjoy teasing them. Since realizing their love for each other, Asuna and Kirito become more protective of one another while fighting against monsters and could not bear to live on if either one of them died. Eventually, their love for one another grew more stronger to the point where after Kirito was nearly killed while defeating a boss fight on his own, Asuna decided to leave the Knights of the Blood Oath to team up with Kirito indefinitely.

Asuna & Kirito's First Kiss S1E10 (2)

Asuna and Kirito share their first kiss, finally confessing their love for each other

However, they soon received trouble as Asuna's request to leave was refused resulting in Kirito attempting to gain her freedom by having a duel with Heathcliff, the leader of the guild. Shorty after Kirito joined the Knights of the Blood Oath, Asuna and Kirito finally confess their love for each other after they saved each other from a undercover member of Laughing Coffin. Kirito declares his love and life to Asuna and promises he will return her to the real world. Asuna then confesses her love to Kirito, swearing to protect him forever. Upon confessing their love, Asuna reveals her wish to stop and leave the fighting, tired of the constant fighting for survival and simply wants peace. Kirito reveals he feels the same and gains the idea for them to leave for the 22nd floor and buy a house together and boldly, Kirito proposes marriage to Asuna, who tearfully accepts.

Asuna and Kirito quickly began their leave of absence from the Knights of the Blood Oath and once buying their new home, they get married and begin to enjoy their honeymoon. However, Kirito worried, wonders if their relationship is truly real or does it only exist within the virtual world and not in real life. Asuna assures Kirito her feelings for him are indeed real and reveals that once they finally do return to the real world, she will find him and fall in love with him once again. Asuna seals the promise with a kiss, truly assuring Kirito of his worries. During their honeymoon, Asuna and Kirito found a young girl named Yui and while they later discovered she is an AI (Artificial Intelligence), they ultimately adopt her as she has real human qualities and developed a close bond with them.

Asuna & Kirito S1E13 (4)

Kirito comforts Asuna as they resolve to continue fighting to return to the real world and have a future together.

Later, Asuna and Kirito were called back into action to the assault team after discovering the next boss room and learning of its extreme dangers, resulting in everyone wanting to clear SAO more than ever. Fearing Asuna's safety, Kirito asked Asuna to stay behind, not wanting her to become endangered or possibly killed, showing he values her safety before his own. However, Asuna becomes mad and reveals if Kirito died during the battle, she would willingly commit suicide, revealing there is no point in living if Kirito isn't by her side and would never forgive herself either if something were to happen. Kirito begins to reveal his fears and wishes to Asuna, revealing his desire to runaway with her and stay at their cabin if they never clear the game. While Asuna wishes the same desire as Kirito, she reveals they can't, reminding Kirito their true physical bodies are suffering in the real world and they won't survive if they don't clear the game. Asuna then proceeds to cry as Kirito embraces her, revealing her wishes for them to stay together forever, going on real dates, truly get married and to grow old together.

Asuna & Kirito S1E14 (7)

Kirito holds Asuna as she begins to disappear.

After the boss fight, Kirito and Asuna along with the rest of the players discovered Commander Heathcliff was actually Akihiko Kayaba, the creator of SAO and the reason for everyone being trapped in the game. Kayaba made a deal with Kirito, if he managed to defeat him everyone in SAO would finally be free. Asuna was against Kirito fighting him, but while she came to accept his decision to finally free everyone, she became devastated when Kirito made Kayabe promise not to let Asuna commit suicide if he died. During the fight when Kirito was about to be struck, Asuna somehow managed to neutralise the poison inside her and jumped to defend Kirito, ultimately taking the fatal blow instead. Asuna soon died in Kirito's arms leaving him both heartbroken and devasted and almost left him no will to fight on. However, Kirito managed to regain his strength upon remembering Asuna's encouragment and finally defeated Kayaba once and for all, but died in the process.

Kirito soon found himself reawakened at an unknown location and much to his surprise and delight, he and Asuna reunited and shared a kiss. They soon discovered they were above Aincrad, watching as it slowly began to crumble and fall apart and became saddened when they witnessed their cabian being destroyed. Later much to their shock and disbelief, Asuna and Kirito met Akihiko Kayaba and ask why he created the death game. Akihiko Kayaba reveals at an early age he became obsessed with Aincrad castle and wanted to create it, giving them no clear reason and disappears, but not before congratulating Kirito on clearing Sword Art Online. Asuna and Kirito cuddle together and share one last kiss as they get ready to say goodbye.

Asuna & Kirito S1E14 (18)

Asuna and Kirito embrace each other as they disappear from Aincrad

Asuna assures Kirito they will truly be together as they disappear, but asks for Kirito's real name. Kirito and Asuna reveal their true names as Kazuto Kirigaya and Asuna Yuuki, including their ages of 16 and 17. Upon learning Asuna's real name, Kirito breaks down into tears and begins to apologize for not fulfilling his promise to save her from SAO and return to the real world. However, Asuna tearfully assures Kirito that she is happy she got to meet, live and be with him, revealing all those moments together with him are the happiest moment she has ever been in her life. Asuna thanks Kirito for everything and once again declares her love for him. Completely overcome with emotion, Kirito embraces Asuna as Aincrad along with themselves finally disappear.

Asuna & Kirito S1E21

Kirito visiting a comatose Asuna.

However, much to Kirito's surprise, he and Asuna didn't actully die, discovering they only died in the game, but not in real life. Kirito along with almost all other SAO survivors were awakened and were adjusting life back into the real world, but Kirito discovered much to his heartbreak that Asuna and 300 players had yet to wake up despite Sword Art Online being cleared. Kirito was devastated to learn of Asuna's predicament and annoyed he couldn't find a way to help her. Despite her situation, Kirito still held hope in his heart she would somehow wake up, always visiting Asuna at the hospital, holding her hand for support. However, Kirito came to discover more shocking news, learning two months later after beating SAO that Asuna's parents had already arranged for her to marry Sugou Nobuyuki. Sugou quickly revealed his true nature to Kirito, including that he plans to marry Asuna in the following week despite the fact she is still in a coma.

Kirito became utterly heartbroken and came close to losing complete hope, seeing he couldn't do anything to help and believed that he was truly going to lose Asuna to Sugou. However, he was later encouraged and reassured by his adoptive sister, Suguha, assuring Kirito to remain strong and not to give up on the love he and Asuna have for each other. Realizing Suguha is right, Kirito regains hope that he and Asuna will be together again. Later, he soon discovered shocking news from Agil, sending photos and informing him that Asuna is possibly trapped in another virtual world known as ALfheim Online. Upon discovering the news, Kirito quickly dived into the world and reunited with Yui and met a player called Leafa and together they began their journey to rescue Asuna and thus prevent her marriage to Sugou. Unknown to Kirito, Asuna and the 300 players of SAO were being held captive by Sugou Nobuyuki as he was secretly experimenting with their minds except for Asuna. Sugou kept Asuna prisoner at the top of the World Tree in ALfheim and would sexually harass her.

Asuna & Kirito S1E24 (1)

Asuna and Kirito are at long last finally reunited

Asuna tries to remain strong and wishes for Kirito to save her, but is unaware if he survived after SAO was cleared. Eventually, Asuna soon became more hopeful and certain of Kirito rescuing her upon discovering of his survival, feeling great a amount of delight and relief. While knowing Kirito would save her, Asuna became more determined to reunite with him as well as stopping Sugou from experimenting with the captured SAO players. Asuna made her first attempt to free herself and came close to succeeding and Kirito was almost close to reaching the Top of the World Tree. However, despite how close they were to reach their goals, both Asuna and Kirito failed in their first attempts to reunite. Despite their failed attempts, their incredibly strong love for each other continues to motivate them to finally be together again, refusing to give up or lose hope. Eventually, Kirito finally managed to get to the World Tree and at long last was reunited with Asuna.

However, their reunion was sadly short lived as they were quickly attacked by Sugou. He began to torture both of them as he stabbed Kirito with his own sword, leaving him helpless to save Asuna while Sugou began sexually assault her right before Kirito's eyes. Kirito was devastated and nearly gave up hope, believing he was exaggerating his skills and that he was only a simple player and was overall worthless until he was encouraged by the spirit of Akihiko Kayaba. Kirito managed to gain control of the ALfheim system and began to fight Sugou, making him suffer for all the pain he caused Asuna. Kirito soon managed to defeat him and finally freed Asuna from her imprisonment in the game and promise to meet each other in real life soon. Kirito exited the game and was on his way to finally and officially meet Asuna in real life.

Asuna & Kirito Real World First Kiss S1E25

Asuna and Kirito share their first kiss in the real world.

Shortly after a brief fight with a deranged Sugou outside the hospital, Kirito makes his way to Asuna's hospital room and much to utter joy and happiness, finally saw a reawakened Asuna waiting for him. Asuna and Kirito embrace each other and as Asuna notices a deep cut on Kirito's cheek, he assures Asuna, revealing he fought "the final boss" and the "final battle" is really over. Overcome, Kirito breaks down into tears, overjoyed everything is truly over. While Asuna could not properly hear Kirito's words, she understood his meaning that everything is really over and breaks into tears of joy, happy she is finally meeting Kirito for the first time in the real world. Finally, Asuna and Kirito properly introduce themselves and Kirito welcomes Asuna back to the real world and together they share a passionate first offical kiss. During this exact moment, Kirito notices his and Asuna's SAO avatars outside the window, happily leaving together holding hands, finally bringing a true end to Sword Art Online.

Since then, Asuna and Kirito are in a strong, serious and committed relationship, declaring they both want to be together forever and willing to go to any lengths to be with each other. They continue to play ALfheim Online alongside their friends and are married in the game as they were in Sword Art Online and express their desire to officially marry each other in real life sometime in the future.

Asuna & Kirito S2E13 (2)

Asuna supports Kirito in his GGO quest.

Asuna and Kirito's love for each other incredibly increases as they never want to be apart and are almost always together, much to the jealousy and annoyance of their SAO friends. Kirito is shown to still put Asuna's well being and safety first as shown when Kirito was forced to help with the investigation regarding Death Gun in Gun Gale Online, he refused to get Asuna involved and kept the investigation a secret. When Kirito learns Death Gun is both an SAO Survivor and former member of Laughing Coffin, it causes him to remember traumatic and terrifying memories and he attempts to hide his fears and worries. However, Asuna becomes really worried about him, noticing something is wrong and constantly thinks about him, causing her to become lost in thought, worried about Kirito's safety and well being. Asuna also reveals her wishes for Kirito to quickly return to ALO, expressing it as their true home and it's not the same without him. Eventually, upon finally learning the true details of the GGO investigation, Asuna remains by Kirito's side and helps him when he finally faces his past demons from SAO.

Sugou NobuyukiEdit

Prior to the beginning of the series, Asuna's parents had arranged for her to marry Sugou Nobuyuki, a family friend from childhood who works at Asuna's father's company. Ever since childhood, Asuna has always hated Sugou as unknown to everyone, he was secretly a pervert as he would secretly harass Asuna. When Sword Art Online was cleared and the players were freed, Asuna and 300 other players of SAO were captured by Sugou Nobuyuki. He wanted to use the 300 players as test subjects for illegal experiments on the human brain and then he would sell the information he gained to other companies. Upon capturing Asuna, he placed her in ALfheim Online at the top of the World Tree inside a bird cage and made her the character Queen Titania, the bride to his character King Oberon.

Asuna remained strong throughout her imprisonment as Sugou would still continue to harass her to his own personal enjoyment, inappropriately touching her and smelling her hair while making her avatar's clothing revealing. Sugou began expressing his opinion that Asuna was being ridiculous regarding his advances, believing he wasn't truly hurting her. Sugou also believed the more Asuna remained trapped in ALO, she would eventually come to lose herself and would love him while also making several attempts for Asuna to accept their soon to be marriage. Sugou's attempts were to no avail as Asuna constantly rejected his advances and kept her composure whenever Sugou began to sexually harass her, knowing full well he wanted her to react. However, while she tried to keep her composure, Asuna would still show how much Sugou's perverted actions upset her, seeing he would nearly go too far on a few occasions.

Overall despite her situation, Asuna continued to remain strong, brave and hopeful that she would somehow managed to escape and knowing full well Kirito would save her. While Sugou was already well aware of the relationship between Asuna and Kirito, he believed Kirito held no threat to free Asuna or ruin his plans and kept trying to force Asuna to love him. Asuna continued to voice her true feelings to Sugou, expressing her hatred and disgust of him while affirming her love and heart belong only to Kirito. Eventually, when Kirito and Asuna were finally reunited, Sugou attacked the pair and decided he would manipulate their minds. However, wanting to cause true suffering to the couple, Sugou chained Asuna and began to sexual abuse her while a helpless Kirito couldn't do anything, but watched as Sugou began to torture and torment Asuna to his full desires and enjoyment.

Thankfully after being encouraged and hope renewed by the spirit of Akihiko Kayaba, Kirito defeated Sugou and at long last freed Asuna from the virtual world and retuned her returned to the real world. Shortly after one last fight in the real world and defeating Sugou once and for all, Asuna no longer needed to worry as Sugou was arrested for his crimes and from then on, Asuna could finally enjoy life in the real world and happily be with Kirito once again.



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  • Asuna is one year older than Kirito.
  • Asuna's main weapon is a rapier.
  • In ALO, Asuna is known as the Berserk Healer.

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