Barb (Snow Dogs)
Barb is the deuteragonist and the love interest and later the wife of Ted Brooks from the 2002 Disney comedy film, Snow Dogs. She is portrayed by Joanna Bacalso.


Barb is the barkeeper at the bar in Tolketna. She was also the boss of Lucy. At first, she was irritated by Ted's behavior. She tries to respond to him why he likes Lucy in the first place and she teaches him how to to manage caring for the dogs and to mush. She becomes upset and Ted leaves. Later, Barb believes that Ted is acting crazy and is concerned about his safety. When Ted's mother Amelia arrives, she cares for her, as she tells her that Ted will be back to safety. She is finally glad to see Ted who has been saved by Thunder Jack and she and Ted begin a romantic relationship as they kiss. She and Ted are finally married. A short time later, she and Ted set up their own dental practice in town as she becomes the receptionist. By the end of the film, she is now pregnant with their first child and she and Ted become happy about the new puppies added to their family.


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