Barry and Bob

Barry and Bob are supporting characters in Disney's 2004 film, Home on the Range. They are the love interests of Maggie and Grace. They are both voiced by Mark Walton.


Barry and Bob are Texas longhorns who both talk in southern drawls and are somewhat slow-witted. They also apparently have a crush on dairy cows and become easily attracted to them when they see any in the vicinity.


Home on the RangeEdit

Barry and Bob are first seen sleeping with the other cattle at a drive. When Maggie, Grace and Mrs. Calloway pass by, they wake up and begin to flirt and fall in love with the the dairy cows, much to Maggie and Mrs. Calloway's discomfort, although Grace doesn't seem to mind their company. When Alameda Slim and the Willie Brothers arrive and knock out the owners of Barry and Bob, Grace notices and declares it's Slim and the Willies. Barry and Bob panic upon hearing this and offer to be the cows' bodyguards. Mrs. Calloway then knocks Barry out with her hoof in annoyance. Barry and Bob, along with all the other cattle, are then hypnotized by Slim's yodeling song and led away.

Barry and Bob are seen again when Maggie, Grace and Mrs. Calloway use a train to reach Little Patch of Heaven and prevent it from being sold by Slim in his disguise. They chase after the cows while Maggie and Mrs. Calloway tell them off, explaining that they have a farm to save. Barry and Bob kindly offer to help the cows on their mission, but they both bump into a U.S. mail pole, knocking themselves out.

Barry and Bob are last seen on Pearl's farm with Junior the Buffalo after Slim is arrested and Little Patch of Heaven is saved. The three cows chuckle and let them all come in. Barry and Bob end up courting Maggie and Grace, while Junior courts Mrs. Calloway. They also dance with all the other farm animals as they celebrate Pearl's farm being salvaged and re-opened.

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