Becky Thatcher

Becky Thatcher

Becky Thatcher is one of the main characters of the animated film, Tom Sawyer. She is the daughter of Judge Thatcher and is the main love interest of Tom Sawyer.


Tom SawyerEdit



  • She is voiced by Hynden Walsh with Lee Ann Womack as her singing voice.
  • She is a rival to Amy to win Tom's love and affection.
  • There are three songs focusing on Tom and Becky's love for each other, One Dream, Light at the End of the Tunnel and Never, Ever and Forever
  • Becky's voice actor, Hynden Walsh is the same person who voiced Starfire from the Teen Titans (2003) TV series and Jenny McBride from The Secret of NIMH 2: Timmy to the Rescue.

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