Ben Stevens is a fictional character from the fanfiction series of Power Rangers Megaforce and Super Megaforce. He is the former love interest of Heather Merrill In Super Megaforce, he was crushed on by Heather, who joined the team as the sixth ranger. In All Hail Prince Vekar, Ben and Heather had their first kiss and the two kissed again in The Wrath and Legendary Battle. However, in Power Rangers Dino Charge, where Heather is living in Cresent Bay, California and attending college, she learns that Ben has a new girlfriend and she is crushed, ending her attraction towards him and becoming interested in her new crush, Logan Mueller. But when Heather and Ben reunite in Super Dino Charge, he learns she has a new boyfriend, Prince Richard III, an royal prince from Zandar. In The Hybrid Girls, it was revealed that Ben is now dating Dino Charge Purple Ranger, Lindsay Cartwright, Heather's former boss and frenemy (friend and occasional enemy).