Love Interest
Black Canary 0005

Full Name

Dinah Laurel Lance


Black Canary, Laurel


Green Arrow


Crimefighter, lawyer (Arrow)


Canary cry, martial arts




Keep Star City safe

Type of Love Interest

Crimefighting Partner

Black Canary aka Dinah Lance is a DC superhero and the love interest of Oliver Queen aka The Green Arrow.


Dinah Lance is a superhero blueblood. Her mother Dinah Drake was the original Black Canary who helped establish the Justice Society.

Dinah's superpower is known as the Canary Cry: an ultrasonic scream that can knock back an enemy. Unlike other superheroes, Dinah isn't wholly dependant on her powers, relying more on mixed martial arts for fighting. Her fighting capabilities put her on par with the likes of Batman himself.

As well as being a member of the Justice League, Black Canary is a member of the Birds of Prey: an all-female group of vigilantes that are based in Gotham City.

In Other Media


Laurel in Arrow

Black Canary has appeared in several DC animated cartoons such as Justice League Unlimited, Batman: The Brave and the Bold and Young Justice.

Black Canary also appears in the TV series Smallville.

Dinah appears in the TV series Arrow under her middle name Laurel. She's a lawyer and daughter of one of Star City's top detectives. Laurel and Oliver have split up upon finding out that he was sleeping with her sister. Oliver and Laurel's sister then went on a private cruise which ended with her sister dying and Oliver being stranded on an island for five years. Despite regaining his feelings for Laurel, Oliver knows he must keep his distance. Dinah's role in Arrow parallels Rachel Dawes in the Dark Knight series.


Green Arrow

250px-Green Arrow Black Canary Wedding 01

Oliver and Dinah

Dinah and Oliver have an on-off relationship that has been a source of frustration for their team mates. Despite this, the two have stuck together through some of the biggest crises. Oliver proposed to Dinah, but it would be many years before they would be married. After Oliver was arrested for murder, the relationship soured and Dinah announced their marriage was over.

Tommy Merlyn

In the Arrow TV series, Tommy is Oliver's best friend. After Laurel comes to terms with her sister's death and Oliver's return, Tommy sees that there's no chance that Laurel will ever get back with Oliver and starts dating her. Their relationship is rocky though, due to their disapproving fathers and Laurel's association with a socialist vigilante who might come after him next. Oliver shows no signs of resentment to Tommy and fully supports their relationship.

Dinah has also had brief flings with a few other men, such as Ra's Al Ghul and Batman.


Justice League Unlimited

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