BCuervo 1

Black Cuervo is the love interest of El Tigre from El Tigre episode, Enter the Cuervo. She is also a female supervillain who lives with a family of supervillains. She combines physical moves and lasers.  She also has jet propelled wings that allow to fly. Manny first meets her as Zoe Avez while Frida about to announce her birthday party. She and El Tigre fell in love and did a lot of romantic stuff and bad stuff and Frida feels jealous and even rejected him from her birthday party. However, Black Cuervo revealed her true nature and tries to kill Manny, but Frida saves him and stops her and in the end, she was defeated by Frida and Manny broke up with her and he and Frida had to make up for what they did earlier. She is sometimes seen with her family after this episode.

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