Blake Bradley

Blake Bradley is the Navy Thunder Ranger in Power rangers ninja Storm. He is also Tori Hanson's love interest.


Navy Ranger

Not a lot is known about Hunter and Blake Bradley's early years, except that they were both adopted at a young age by the Bradleys, a young couple who were also members of the Thunder Ninja Academy. It seems that both Bradleys shared a content childhood with their adoptive family, until they were later murdered by the fallen Wind Ninja, Lothor. Hunter and Blake unfortunately are unaware who is responsible for their deaths until years later. Following the death of their family, the boys continued to live at the Thunder Ninja Academy, now being raised by Sensei Omino. Blake and Hunter trained at the Thunder Ninja Academy under Sensei Ominou who was later captured along with the whole academy by Lothor. Sensei Ominou, knowing that the world needed protectors he gave Blake and Hunter the Thunder morphers.

He also has a crush on Tori, the Blue Wind Ranger, which, while "obviously mutual", was never acted upon (most likely due to the show's targeting a younger audience).​


Lothor made them believe Sensei Watanabe was their adopted parents' murderer after he captured them making them go against the Wind Ninjas. But their parents' spirits told them it was Lothor who killed them. After that the Thunder Rangers allied with the Wind Ninjas. They fought along side them during many battles. It is implied that he has feelings for the Blue Wind Ranger, Tori Hanson. In "I Love Lothor" he was put under a spell and fell madly in love with Tori along with Cam. By the end of the series they know of each others feelings but nothing is said if a relationship is made since the show was targeted to children. Ironically his Sentai counterpart also has feelings for the Blue Wind Ninja Sentai counterpart.

After the end of Ninja Storm, Blake achieved his dream of becoming a motocross star.

Dino ThunderEdit

In Dino Thunder, the Rangers temporarily regain their powers and fight alongside the Dino Thunder Rangers to fight the combined threat of Lothor and Mesogog. After the battle it is revealed that Blake's morpher is depleted, resulting in the permanent loss of his Ranger powers.


  • Blake is officially the first Navy Ranger.
  • Before Disney bought Fox Kids (where Power Rangers aired), their was plans for a show called Power Rangers: Hexagon. It would have brought back every ranger from the past 10 seasons. The story goes that the main 3 ninja would attain their powers from Ninjor and face a rouge trio of rangers (Navy, Crimson, and an exclusive Gold ranger). In order to create foils between the Hexagon Rangers, headed by Tommy, and the rouge rangers, headed by Jason, Navy would have been played by a female. Due to the drastic differences in storylines between Ninpu Sentai Huricanger and Hexagon (and moving production to New Zeland), Disney went with the more lighthearted Ninja Storm and Dino Thunder seasons.