Blake Gaines

Blake Gaines is the teenaged daughter of Ray and Emma and is the love interest of Ben Taylor. She is the tritagonist in San Andreas, she's played by Alexandria Daddario.

Personality Edit

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Appearance Edit

Blake is a caucasian young woman in her late teens. she's brown haired and has blue eyes. During most of the movie she wears a red jacket with a white and red tank top underneath. By the end of the movie she's only wearing her red tank top, after discarding her jacket and used her white tank top to bandage her love interest Ben Taylor.

Role in film Edit

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Blake meets Ben Taylor

Blake receives a call from Ray, and they talk about her upcoming trip to San Francisco with Emma's new boyfriend, Daniel.

Sanandreas 07667

Black takes off her jacket

Later, in San Francisco, Blake meets Ben and Ollie. Not long after, Daniel comes back from a meeting, and they get into their car in a car park, just as the earthquake begins. Their driver is killed, and a large concrete slab pins Blake's legs under a chair. Daniel leaves to get help, but flees, leaving Blake alone. She manages to contact Ray, and tells him she's trapped. She is later found by Ben and Ollie, and they manage to lift the concrete slab off with a car jack. They make their way to an electronics store, and Blake uses the stores' phone to call Ray. She tells him and Emma that Ben and Ollie saved her, and that Daniel had done the opposite. They plan to rendezvous at Coit Tower. On the way there, another earthquake hits, and Ben is injured, later they stop briefly as Blake begins to take off most of her clothes in order to bandage Ben injury.

Sanandreas 08835

Blake discovers her parents are near

Shortly after, a tsunami warning is issued, and sirens blare throughout the city. The three aren't far away from Daniel's unfinished building, and they head there. They reach one of the higher floors, but they aren't high enough. They get to one of the higher floors, where they see Ray and Emma in a boat. They signal them with a laser pointer that Ollie found at the electronics store, but then the building starts to sink Ben and Ollie escape, but Blake is trapped. Ray finds her, but is unable to rescue her before she nearly drowns.

Sanandreas 09917

Black is revived and reunited with her family

Ray manages to reach her, and after a few minutes, is able to revive her.

Relationship Edit

  • Ben Taylor - Boyfriend
  • Raymond "Ray" Gaines - Father
  • Emma Gaines - Mother

Gallery Edit

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