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Bloom (Winx Club)

Full Name



Bloom, Fairy of Flame


Winx Club




Spending time with her friends
Being with Sky
Working on art and drawing


To stop any evil villains threatening to harm the Magic Dimension alongside the Winx Club.

Type of Love Interest

Fairy and Princess

Bloom is the main protagonist of the Winx Club series. She is the second Princess of Domino and the younger sister of Daphne. Bloom is the founder/leader of the Winx Club and Stella's best friend. She is also the Guardian Fairy of the Dragon Flame and the fiancée of Sky.



Sky is Bloom's main love interest of the Winx Club series.


Andy is an old friend as well as Bloom's former boyfriend when she lived on Earth. Before Bloom had discovered the truth about her origins and powers and while she still lived in Gardina, Bloom was once in a romantic relationship with Andy, an old friend from high school. Bloom and Andy dated for sometime while in High School together, but at some point broke up although the reason for ending their relationship was never revealed. Eventually, years later, Bloom and Andy reunited together in the fourth season, Andy is revealed to have changed since high school and is revealed to be in band, regularly playing at the Frutti Music Bar. Bloom and Andy soon reconnected after years apart and it was soon revealed Andy still harbours feelings towards Bloom, but never acts on his feelings upon discovering her relationship with Sky. However, despite Andy not acting upon his true feelings for Bloom, Andy still causes friction in Bloom and Sky's relationship on occasion as Sky is jealous whenever he sees Bloom and Andy spending time together.

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  • Bloom and Sky are the main couple of the Winx Club series.
  • Bloom's power the Dragon Flame is also known as the Dragon Fire in the 4Kids version of the Winx Club.

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