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Dovewing (former mate)

Bumblestripe is a warrior of Thunderclan and the former love interest of Dovewing and current love interest for Rosepetal. He appeared in the famous book series: Warriors.


Bumblekit, (now Bumblestripe) is the only son of Graystripe and Millie and brother of Briarlight and Blossomfall. He grew up in Thunderclan, being the apprentice of Mousewhisker. Once he became a warrior, he fell in love with another warrior in his clan, Dovewing (who is part of a prophecy). At first, she show no interest in him; in love with another warrior named Tigerheart but after feeling betrayed by Tigerheart, she gave Bumblestripe a chance; hoping she could move on from Tigerheart. They become mates but Dovewing realizes that she still has feelings for Tigerheart and breaks up with Bumblestripe. During their break up, they were described both looking down at their prey, not daring to look at each other. Later, Dovewing becomes mates with Tigerheart and moves to ShadowClan. But it is shown that Rosepetal has feelings for Bumblestripe.


Bumblestripe is a sweet, polite, loyal warrior and cares about his loved ones greatly. He can be a bit critical at times, and is serious when he needs to be.

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