Bunny is the love interest of Courage the Cowardly Dog in the show Courage the Cowardly Dog. She is voiced by Katie Griffin.  


When Bunny was held by a gangster named Mad Dog, Kitty tried to make her leave him, but failed, when being threatened by Mad Dog once he found out. At some point afterwards, Kitty came to the farmhouse wearing a mask and beat Courage whenever possible, believing all dogs to be bad. Courage later rescued Bunny and defeated Mad Dog and his gang. Bunny gives Courage a kiss on the cheek and Kitty awaited Bunny at the Amtrak passenger train's rear, where they reunited. Bunny told Kitty that Courage saved her life. Kitty then admitted that she had been wrong about dogs and helped Bunny onto a train she was on. The two thanked Courage and rode off together. Bunny, on the way realised that she had a crush on Courage and eventually returned to Nowhere and told her she loved him. The two started dating.

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