Lisa Watson is a minor character of the BBC comedy drama mystery series, Death in Paradise. She is the biological daughter of Mike Watson, step-daughter of Diana Watson and the step-sister of Sally Watson. She is also a murder victim and is the main of Darren Moore.


When Lisa was younger, her biological mother passed away, but before her death, Lisa's mother left Lisa her entire fortune, but could only gain her trust fund when she got married. Sometime later after her mother's death, Lisa's father, Mike Watson met and married Diana Watson and they became a family while gaining a step-sister, Sally Watson. Lisa lived a wealthy and happy life with her family, but was annoyed with the fact her step mother was constant control over her fortune, wanting the money all for herself. Sometime in Lisa's life, she met and fell in love with Darren Moore and at some point they became engaged.

Lisa and Darren arranged their wedding and decided to get married on the island of Saint Marie during a small beach wedding with only her family and Darren's best friend. During her time in Saint Marie, Lisa took scuba-diving lessons from the handsome instructor, Steven. However, before Lisa and Darren's wedding, Lisa's parents, espically Diana pressured Lisa and Darren to sign a prenup, causing an argument between them the night before the wedding. However, the argument was eventually settled and it was signed.

Death in ParadiseEdit

Wicked Wedding NightEdit

Lisa Watson is a wealthy young woman who was preparing for her wedding to her fiancé, Darren Moore in Saint Marie. They had a private wedding on the beach with only Lisa's family and Darren's best friend, Adam Fairs in attendance and soon Lisa and Darren became husband and wife. Lisa and Darren alongside her family and Adam were happily celebrating until they returned to their rooms to change, but soon tragedy would befall as Lisa's stepmother, Diana witnessed Lisa falling to her death. Lisa's death is revealed to be murder, discovering she was harpooned before she fell and hit the rocks. The case is brought to Richard Poole and Camille Bordey to solve the crime and discover the killer's identity.


Darren MooreEdit

Darren Moore is Lisa's newlywed husband and a suspect in her death.



  • She was the second murder victim of the Death in Paradise series in the second episode of the first season.
  • She was killed by William the butler although her death was later revealed to be unintentional as she was revealed to never be the intended victim.