Camille (Death in Paradise)

Camille Bordey

Camille Bordey was the deuteragonist of the BBC comedy drama mystery series, Death in Paradise. She is a Detective Sergant and is the daughter of Catherine Bordey. She was the main love interest and partner of Richard Poole.

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Richard PooleEdit

Richard Poole was originally the main protagonist of the series and Camille's main love interest. Although it was never revealed and while they had their differences, Richard and Camille harboured romantic feelings for each other, but we're both stubborn and shy to confess their true feelings.

Humphrey GoodmanEdit

Humphrey Goodman is Camille's new partner introduced in the third season premiere shortly after Richard's death. Humphrey harboured romantic feeling for Camille, but she remained unaware of his growing feelings for her and didn't feel the same way towards him.



  • Camille was a main character until she left the series halfway through the fourth season of the series.

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