Serena van der Woodsen

Serena van der Woodsen

Serena van der Woodsen is the main protagonist of the teen drama series, Gossip Girl. She is the daughter of Lily and William van der Woodsen and is the older sister of Eric van der Woodsen. She is also best friends with Blair Waldorf and is the main love interest of Dan Humphrey.

Gossip GirlEdit

Season OneEdit

Return to New YorkEdit

Serena has returned from Boarding school after being away from New York for an entire year.

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Season FiveEdit

Seren is living in Los Angeles having the time of her life working as an assistant in the media film making and is excited when she is reunited with Chuck and Nate who have come to visit her.

Gossip Girl 3.0Edit

No longer being able to handle the power of being Gossip Girl, Georgina hands the title as well as laptop and password to the website down to Serena.

Season SixEdit

Serena's New LifeEdit

Four months have passed since the fifth season finale and throughout the entire summer no one has heard or seen Serena, discovering she has once again disappeared as she has done in the past. Lilly is the first to learn of Serena's absence and becomes extremely worried, calling Nate who informs the rest of their friends of Serena's absence. Everyone comes together to find Serena and eventually find she has been started a brand new life for herself on the outskirts of Manhatten. In order to start over and move on from her previous life, Serena taken the alias from Dan's book "Sabrina" and is in a brand new romantic relationship with an older man named Steven.

Everyone continues to become concerned about Serena, believing she is mentally unstable and is living the life of Dan's book character, Sabrina and believe she might also be on drugs again. They continue to grow more worried upon learning a wedding is taking place and believe Serena is the bride. In order to prevent the wedding from taking place, Blair and Georgina expose Serena's true identity only to learn she is the maid of honour to the grooms getting married, revealing it's a gay wedding. Away from the party and guests, Serena, Steven and the rest of their friends discuss the recent events and finally learn the truth. Serena reveals that after she was revived by paramedics after a drug overdose on the train, Serena wanted to move on from her life on the Upper East Side and start over with nothing and no one to hold her back.

The reason behind Serena's decision is due to the events that took place during the fifth season finale after her falling outs with both Blair and Dan. Seeing she had lost two of the most important people in her life who no longer wished for Serena to be in their lives, Serena left New York also due to the fact no one else including Nate, Chuck or her family cared about her. Blair apologizes to Serena for their fight and assures they will always be best friends no matter what happens to them. However, tired of the constant fighting and forgiving of each other, Serena reveals she no longer wants to be friends with Blair, ultimately cutting ties to their friendship, wishing to simply mature and move forward. Blair is deeply hurt by Serena and leaves with their friendship apparently ending for good.

With Serena apparently no longer wishing from them to be involved in her life, Nate, Chuck, Dan, Blair and Georgina return to the New York, having failed in their mission to bring Serena back home. However, unknown to them, Serena decides since her true identity has been exposed to Steven and wishing to have a true honest relationship, Serena decides to return to New York.


Dan HumphreyEdit

Dan Humphrey is one of the main characters of the series and Serena's main love interest.

Nate ArchibaldEdit

Nate Archibald is one of the main characters of the series and Serena's longtime friend and former love interest.

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Tripp van der BiltEdit

Tripp van der Bilt is Nate's cousin and Serena's former love interest.

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Steven SpenceEdit

Steven is an older man and Serena's former love interest in the final season of the series.



  • She is portrayed by Blake Lively.
  • She attempts to discover Gossip Girl's true identity in the second season finale.
  • In the fifth season, Serena temporarily took over the role as Gossip Girl until the original and true Gossip Girl took back her role with the assistance from Nate and Lola.

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