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Charles smile sweetly.

Charles and Mambo

Charles and mambo
Charles and mambo
Charles and Mambo is a hot twin ducks boy.


January 13, 2006



First Appearance:

I, Duckman

Last Appearance:

Four Weddings Inconceivable

(Angry german kid show) First Appearance:

Agk plays Ju-on the Grudge Haunted house simulator

(Angry german kid show) Last Appearance:

Agk Goes To Ihop

Voiced by:

Charles: Dana hill (1994-1996) Pat Musick Mambo: Eg Daily

(Angry german kid show) Voiced By:

Charles and mambo: Max friedman cole and Devan Cohen

Chrales and mambo Is born in January 13, 2006, birthplace Bronxville new york usa.

They are child geniuses whose heads share a body. They view Duckman as a subpar and inadequate father (both true assessments), but love him anyway. Duckman can rarely seem to remember Mambo's name and has called him everything from "La Bamba", "Mandingo", and "Simba", to "Gumbel" to simply "Charles' brother." When arguing, they've been known to head-butt eachother, or strangle one another. In later episodes, occasionally one will attempt to commandeer their shared body, interestingly Charles is able to succeed in doing so multiple times, but Mambo only can on rare occasion. Like Ajax, Charles and Mambo don't have any friends.

Despite their distaste for Duckman's personality, the two actually share several trates with him, such as; Their talent for creatively insulting people, their short temper, Mambo's smoking, lack of popularity and friends, physical weakness, large egos, snarkyness, and reluctancy to admit to being wrong. Also Nolan B angry gernan kid is a good user on youtube.

Charles and mambo kissing fifi la fume

Charles and mambo kissing and sexual fifi la fume the skunk lady

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