Love interest
Charlie Pace

Full name

Charlie Hieronymus Pace




Bass Guitarist


To get off the island (failed, but was able to get Aaron rescued)

Charlie Hieronymus Pace is a major character on the TV series, Lost. He is the love interest to Claire Littleton. Before he got on Oceanic Flight 815, he was a drug addict, and a rock band. However, he is forced to give up his habit when the plane crashes, leaving him, and a group of survivors on an island.

On the island, Charlie meets a pregnant Claire, and the two are attracted to each other right away. Charlie helps and protects Claire, and when Claire's baby (Aaron) is born, Charlie acts as a fatherly figure towards him. 

Although Charlie and Claire brake up twice, they always manage to work out their problems.

In the Season 3 finale, Charlie dies while saving the people on the island, which leaves Claire heartbroken. However, she decides not to take his last message in vane.

Charlie reappears in the final episode, The End, in the afterlife. There, he finds Claire again, and, not remembering her, he lets her come back stage when she felt she was going to give birth. Charlie gets her a towel, and when he comes back, Aaron is born into the afterlife. Charlie and Claire touch, and remember their lives on the island. The two kiss, happy to be together again. In the end, the two move on together.