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Cheer Bear is a character from the popular greeting cards called "Care Bears".


In the new CGI series, Cheer Bear is seemed to be the love interest of Grumpy Bear, some of these episodes both bears enjoy one other and Cheer is the only one whom Grumpy likes to hang out with more.

In the one episode "Cheeri No", Grumpy and Cheer are about to enjoy a lunch after finishing one the chores for hibernation but Harmony interrupts the break and scaring Cheer off for her next chore and Grumpy becomes upset, when many of the bears (mostly Harmony) are upset that Cheer did not finish helping out, Grumpy stands up for Cheer, and when Cheer bravely ask the other bears to follow her to Beastly's cave, Grumpy very impressed with Cheer's grump and says " Now that's my kind of bear".


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