"Chita is a hot bartender with huge assets. A modern day RESPECTABLE slut. She’s an enabler. She’ll serve you drinks with visual aids and pretend you’re not looking at her. Breast milk is her favorite drink for babies. That way they don’t grow up to be perverts. She loves babies!" -'s description of Chita

Chita Custorera is Jacks love interest in the Filipino american show the nut shack, appearing in most if not all episodes in the series

Relationships Edit

Jack is Chita's "friend with benefits". They are not a canon couple, and have never mention that they were dating, but it is implied on many occasions that Chita and Jack have sex often.

Horat likes chita mostly for her breast size in whitch chita is greatly annoyed by.

Jamar Tba

Trivia Edit

  • Chita has breast implants and has her lips pumped despite that she is against plastic surgery.
  • Chita loves the Halo game franchise.
  • Chita believes that by reading Us Weekly, watching the Daily Show, and studying The Secret, she can build a time machine and be a comedic version of a modern day Nostradamus (A 14th century pharmacist)
    • On many occasions, she has shown anger towards Phil but never to the point of hurting him for his shenanigans.

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