Love Interest

Full Name





The Dream Master


School bully and girlfriend of Eddie


Beauty, immense lust, seduction, charm, wealth, deception


Kissing Eddie, cowering up to him for protection, bullying the student body and Aten


Get naked with Eddie and make out

Type of Love Interest

Childhood Friend

Chloe is the Love Interest of Eddie from The Dream Master. She and Eddie are both the bullies at Cy's school.


Chloe and Eddie have been lustful bullies at the school for many years, as long as Cyrus was there. Once, his sister Lauren walked with him to school, furious she was missing time with her friends Baz and Catherine, so she used to humiliate Cyrus by kissing him sloppily on the cheek then crowing "Bye bye, little bruvver!" and then Chloe and Eddie lustfully came out and mocked "Bye byeeee!" Cyrus said the fact that Lauren humiliated him was so bad he'd rather have faced Chloe and Eddie all alone.


Chloe and Eddie first appear when Cy is crossing the road, so he relies on the patrol warden to help him out. Once in school, its not long before Chloe and Eddie strike again. In art class they knock over Cyrus' paint bottle. Chloe does this when Eddie prompts her to. Then they kiss and Eddie mocks Cyrus for being clumsy. This almost makes Cyrus have a breakdown before his friend Vicky cleans up the mess.

Cyrus has been having odd dreams about ancient Egypt where he saves a prince named Aten from execution. Unfortunately the Dream Master, a sadistic dwarf, does not like boys standing up to him and so the Dream Master makes Cyrus' life a living Hell. Coupled with Chloe and Eddie this is nightmare. However, in one odd dream, where the Dream Master is accompanying him, Cyrus breaks the rules by accident and brings Aten into his waking world.

Chloe and Eddie lustfully bully Aten the moment he's at school, saying his famous uncles can't be rich because of his torn clothes. Chloe smarmily protects herself and Eddie by putting on a false politeness when the teacher Mrs Chalmers comes in to intervene.

At one point Chloe shuts Cy and Aten under the hall stage, and they only escape through a lockpick Aten improvised, but when Cyrus gets home with Aten he finds his grandfather in a coma. When his grandfather's in hospital, Chloe and Eddie kiss more and up their bullying.

Chloe and Eddie hate Aten so they steal his priceless ankh. Then in a massive search, Chloe pretends Aten dropped it yesterday. Mrs Chalmers threatens that if the ankh is not found tomorrow someone will be punished. So Chloe gets frightened and cowers up to Eddie for protection and they kiss.

After school, Chloe and Eddie sneak back in and more or less give Aten back his ankh. When Aten puts on the ankh, Cyrus warns him not to, because of the Dream Master's warning. However Aten says what can possibly happen and he slips it on. But then, the Universe explodes.

When all four of them are sucked into the Time Vortex, Aten believes he is going back to the pyramid to die. Mysteriously, Chloe and Eddie are nowhere to be seen. Cy and Aten are lost until Aten mentions Lauren, then she appears, then he mentions her friends, who also appear. At this point Cy realizes that he's in Aten's dream, and when Aten says he's in the dreaded temple of Lake Moeris with the man eating crocodiles, what should happen but crocodiles appear.

Because Aten had said that Chloe and Eddie were like crocodiles, pretending to be nice but really just nasty, with sweet smiles like a hungry crocodile, Cyrus suspects the crocodiles will stay in the dark. Aten muzzles the crocodiles to stop them eating Lauren and her friends, and then the crocodiles do stay in the dark. Aten suspects they really are Chloe and Eddie.

When Cy's grandfather appears beside him and sends him back to modern times, they find Chloe and Eddie drenched in dirty pond water, revealing that they actually were the crocodiles all along. They look shifty and try to get away with Eddie protecting Chloe but before they can kiss Mrs Chalmers comes in and scolds them for being down at the river. She summons them to her office the next morning. Despite Eddie's attempts to protect Chloe she is shaking so badly she can't get her new shoes.

Chloe and Eddie's punishment is to pick up trash and they are humiliated into being humble.

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