Chrissie Watkins was the Love Interest of Tom Cassidy from the 1974 novel Jaws and it's 1975 Academy Award winning adaption of the same name. She was played by Susan Backlinie.


Chrissie's biography in the novel and film is very much the same given that she appears right at the start and her death is what sets the plot in motion. Chrissie is a young lustful woman who is in a sexual with Tom Cassidy. One night there's a party in the beach and after telling Tom her name, she runs off down the beach and strips as she does so and Tom, being drunk, is unable to follow properly and soon passes out.

Chrissie roams her hands down her naked body and enters the ocean and then the titular shark approaches. She treads water and lustfully looks at Tom with her naked shoulders glimmering but he is too far off.

As Chrissie swims, the shark eyes her from underwater, then it rears up and as she runs her hands down her naked body imagining feeling Tom up, the shark takes a bite from her leg underwater.

As Chrissie begins to believe she's naked, sexy and safe and that she's imagined the attack, she is suddenly jerked about and thrown against a buoy. She grips it with her naked body glimmering but then she is yanked under and is never seen again. Her decaying torso was found by the police the next day, after Tom filed a missing persons act. This leads the police to suspect that Chrissie was eaten by some shark.


  • Susan Backlinie's cries of pain in the scene were real because she was yanked about violently by a harness where some of her ribs snapped.
  • She's referred to as "That beautiful sexy naked lady from Jaws" by Homer Simpson.