Ingrid is one of the main characters in the vampire fantasy, Young Dracula. She is the love interest to now-vampire Will.

In Love with WillEdit

Ingrid first met Will at school, whilst searching for a date for the valentine ball at the castle. Ingrid made all the boys pay her £5 each. Ingrid started fancing Will, but after time, she knew that vampires cant fall in love with breathers (someone who is a living person) so she decides to date Will in secret but still keeping her status from him. Many months later, before her 16th birthday, she invites Will over to fix a broken chair (caused by Ingrid on purpose), she then sees him as a bag of fresh blood, she tries not to resist and nearly bites a unaware Will, but then backs away. On her 16th, She gets ready for her transformation, but has her pure evil self insists she bites Will, Ingrid refuses and runs away, angering her reflection and tries to find Will herself. Ingrid rushes to school and confronts Will to runaway with her, until Ingrid's brother, Vlad and his best friend Robin run in along with the reflection hidden in Robin's belt. They all get away, but the reflection uses Robin's twin brothers to bully Will and lock him in a freezer, which they do. Ingrid and the reflection have a face to face talk, but Ingrid soon realises that she's a born vampire, why is she running, so lets the reflection take over her. The now evil Ingrid lets Will out of the freezer, still stating to him that she's good, but has they hug, Ingrid's face turns from sweet to an evil smirk, fangs and red eyes. towards the end, a battle between the Draculas and the Van Helsings turn sour, when Will is fatally killed, leaving Ingrid angered. after the battle, Ingrid nearly kills Vlad, imprisons her father and vows to turn Stockley into a blood war zone and avenging Will's death.

Series 3Edit

Ingrid is seen to still mourn and think of her beloved Will.