Daniel is a minor character on the ABC TV series, Once Upon a Time. He appeared twice, and is the love interest of Regina

Daniel and Regina (before she became the evil queen) were in love in the fairy tale world, even though her mother did not approve of their relationship. When Cora sets up a plan that would make King Leopold (Snow White's father) want to marry her, Regina becomes upset that she can no longer be with Daniel, and the two make a plan to elope. However, Snow White finds out about their plan, and although she becomes upset at first, when she realizes Regina is in love with Daniel, Snow promises Regina to keep it a secret.

Unfortunately, Cora tricks Snow White into breaking her promise, and because Cora doesn't believe in true love, and because she wants her daughter to become queen, Cora pulls out Daniel's heart, and crushes it, killing him instantly. It 

The death of Dtaniel changes Regina's personality completely, especially when she learns Snow White told Cora about Daniel. Regina's anger at Snow White leads to her vow to revenge.

Many years later, after the curse is broken, Dr. Whale (Victor Frankenstein) uses science to bring Daniel back from the dead. However, much like Frankenstein's monster, being brought back to life made Daniel violent. He even nearly kills Henry. Eventually, Regina arrives, and tries to talk to Daniel. At first, Daniel attacks and chokes Regina until she gasps and says "I love you." This causes Daniel to regain his senses and let go of Regina. They briefly reunite. However, due to the pain that was somehow the result of his monstrous behavior or revival, Daniel attempts to attack Regina again. Regina is forced to stop him with her magic and turn him to dust, but not before Daniel tells Regina to let go of their love and love again.

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