Danielle is a cheerleader at East Highland High in The New Guy. She's also the love interest of Dizzy "Gil Harris" Harrison.

Her Story

At East Highland, a school of an unimproving football team, victims for bullies, Danielle was a cheerleader for the East Highlanders and was at the time the girlfriend to a guy named Connor. However, when the new guy showed up and beats up on Connor she is quite impressed with him and ends up meeting him as he introduces himself as Gil Harris.

She would soon be more impressed of Gil's bad boy persona that she ends up hanging out with him more and she was totally into him when he gave a prep speech to the football team which was losing game after game and had ended up winning.

When Gil had helped Connor's recent bully victim, Danielle decided to talk to her friends again to make up for how she was in the past. When Connor got mad for her not backing him up, she broke up with him and was soon Gil's girlfriend. And soon after, everybody there had put bullying in the past.

The East Highlander would win game after game, going to the state championships. During one night at a bar where Danielle works, Gil tries to come clean of who he really is going so far as to mention his own real name, but Danielle didn't believe it at the time and was more convinced when Gil got skeptical of attending the state championships because it involved his past school, Rocky Creek. At the championships, the East Highlanders won and celebrated after, but Barclay, Gil's bully from Rocky Creek interrupts them only for his revenge to fail.

At the Celebration party Danielle watched as Gil and his friends play. But soon after Connor and Barclay set up a video embarrassing Gil, and revealed that East Highland's Gil is Rocky Creek's Diz as they are both the same guy. With his past fully revealed Danielle soon got to him just to reveal she went through a similar path from geek to chic after they reconciled, the two shared a kiss and continued their relationship. Even after high school they still ended up together

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