Love Interest

Full Name

Danni Arslow




Piranha 3D


Stripper and a Wild Wild Girl


Beauty, immense lust, seduction, wealth, charisma


Flirting with Crystal, Laura and Derrick, and cowering up to Jake for protection


Get naked and make out with Crystal, get naked and make out with Jake, and also get naked with Laura and kiss her

Type of Love Interest

Sexy Love Interest

Danni Arslow is a character in Piranha 3D and she is the Love Interest of Derrick Jones, Jake Forrester, Crystal Shephard and Laura Forrester.

She is played by model Kelly Brook.


Danni was in Derrick's porn star team, the "Girls Gone Wild" and she was often partnered with Crystal in their movies. Danni was made to perform lesbian sexual acts with Crystal such as licking her boobs and kissing naked underwater, or kissing naked in general.

Danni first appears at the dock when Jake goes into town and she meets Laura Forrester, Jake's younger sister, and Laura immediately falls in love with Danni and compliments her breasts. She then says Jake will like Danni's breasts. Danni says "They all do."

Then Derrick comes up and Jake arrives. Danni already knows who he is and says "Hello Jake." Jake asks what Danni does and she says "I'm a Wild Wild Girl" and Jake stares at her lustfully unable to believe his luck. Then Derrick comes in and yells for Crystal who is getting suncream with Andrew, then Derrick says he wants Crystal's boobs oiled tomorrow. Danni then watches sexually when Derrick makes a deal with Jake to take them on a tour. Danni then says "See you tomorrow Jake" and leaves with Derrick.

The next day Spring Break is underway and Derrick is showing off Crystal and Danni are dancing in bikinis in front of cheering teenagers. Danni was wearing a red bikini. In her voluptuous red bikini, her big boobs looked very sexy. Derrick gets Crystal to lick Danni's big and sexy boobs with encouragement from the crowd. Danni wanted to do it because she put her arms at her head leaving her boobs right in front of Crystal.

Danni then leaves to explore the lake with Derrick, Jake, Crystal, Andrew and Kelly, Jake's old girlfriend. Danni however tries to seduce Jake on the boat by cowering up to him when she's in a bikini. Later Danni goes naked with Crystal and does some amazing skinny dipping, kissing her naked underwater for like an hour.

Then Jake sees his siblings Laura and Zane stranded on rocks and orders Derrick to rescue them. They do, albeit Derrick is pissed off with them. However, once they are all on board Jake steers them out. However, Derrick, being eager to get to the Wet T-Shirt contest, smashes the boat on some rocks, causing him to fall off, and Crystal tries to reach him but ends up falling in the lake and being eaten by piranha. Danni shows some valiance when she pulls Derrick back on board, despite his legs being eaten to the bone by piranha, and when he dies Danni is the only one to mourn his death.

Later, Jake calls his mum who is the county sheriff to rescue them from the sinking boat. Jake's mum is shocked that Jake has been hanging out with what she sees as a stripper, and she berates Jake. They string some rope over the boat to the police boat to escape, and they all climb over above the hungry piranhas. But in doing so, Danni forgets to tie up her long hair, which the piranhas latch onto, bite off most of her face, and plunge her naked body into the depths to be devoured. Jake notably mourns her death.


Danni is extremely sexy, she has long brown hair, a she has big boobs. She seems to like Crystal a lot because she goes wild with her, like dancing in dimiutive bikinis infront of a lot of partiers, also she let Crystal lick her boobs, and she got naked with Crystal and they were kissing underwater.

Danni was very LGTB, she loved both men and women, and even seemed to fancy Laura, Jake's young sister. Danni's attraction to Laura seemed sparked when Laura said she liked Danni's boobs, and Danni smirked and said everyone does. In turn, Laura also lusted after Danni, finally getting to see the Spring Break boobies she had always referred to.


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