Rupert "Danny" Pink was the love interest and later boyfriend of Clara Oswald in the eighth series of Doctor Who. He was played by Samuel Anderson.

Danny was born as Rupert Pink and lived at West Country Children's Home in Gloucester in England, but changed his name to Danny when he got older as he disliked his real name. He eventually joined the British Army as a sergeant and severed for five years in both the UK and Afghanistan where he performed a number of tasks such as building wells alongside traditional military work. He eventually quit the army after accidentally shooting and killing a young boy whilst on a mission in the Middle East.

After quitting the army, Danny got a job as a maths teacher at Coal Hill School where he met Clara Oswald, an English teacher at the school and they eventually started dating. Sometime later, Danny discovered that whilst in between dating him, Clara would travel through time and space with a Time Lord called The Doctor who kept addressing Danny as a PE teacher as he believed that a soldier can't be a maths teacher.

Tragically one day whilst talking to Clara on his mobile phone, Danny didn't look were he was going and walked into the path of an oncoming vehicle and was killed. Danny's consciousness was then intercepted by the Nethersphere after his death and placed in a form of mass storage and was later revived along with serve all other dead people as a Cyberman. Despite being given a new life, Danny saw it as a living death and chose to forfeit it so Earth could be saved from a new world of cyber-converted humans.

Two weeks later, Danny used a bracelet previously owned by Missy to open a portal from the Nethersphere to Clara's flat where he revealed to her that the Nethersphere was dying and while he could use the bracelet to return to Earth, it only had enough power for one person. Instead of using it for himself, Danny sent the boy he had killed through the portal and remained in the afterlife.

Sometime after this, a Kantrofarri placed Clara in an induced dream where she woke on Christmas morning to find Danny dressed as Santa Claus and they spent the day together. The Doctor allowed another Kantrofarri to attacked him in order to enter Clara's dream to tell her that Danny and everything else around her was "anaesthetic" to keep Clara happy while her brain was slowly being dissolved and eaten by the Kantrofarri. Danny told Clara that this Christmas they had together was their "last Christmas" before he shared a last kiss with her and Clara then awoke from the dream.

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