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Daphne is the love interest of Niles Crane in the sitcom Fraiser


Daphne is an English physiotherapist that cares for Fraiser and Niles' father, Martin. Daphne has a cheerful, open personality that allows her to handle the gruff, no-nonsense attitudes of the Crane family. She believes that she's psychic, which is ironic considering that she never catches on that Niles has feelings for her.


Daphne always has at least one boyfriend in each season, much to Niles' chagrin. As is typical in sitcoms, they never last long.

Niles CraneEdit

Niles has had eyes for Daphne since the day they met. He originally kept his feelings to himself due to being married to Maris at the time, but after the divorce is shown to be just plain shy about it. Niles behaves passive-aggressively around Daphne's dates, something Fraiser and Martin are obviously disturbed by given his otherwise dignified manner. After Fraiser accidentally spills Niles' secret, Daphne realises that she's secretly been in love with him. The two were both engaged to different people at the time, but both wind up leaving their intended spouses and marry. By the end of the series the two have a son named David.

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