Dark is a member of The Wanderers, Suki's former mate and a character in the 2004 film Pride. He is voiced by Sean Bean.

Dark along with another lion named Harry tried to take over the pride Suki was part of, but failed when the pride's lionesses defeated them. Dark later saves Suki and her brother Linus from hyenas after they crossed a river into The Wanderers territory.

Years later, a now young adult Suki leaves her pride and encounters Dark again and becomes his mate and has cubs with him which all but one of them are killed by Harry. One night, Suki overhears Dark and Harry planning to attack her old pride again, so she goes to warn them.

Suki's cousin Fleck decides to join The Wanders since the pride won't accept him and a fight breaks out. Harry ends up on the edge of a cliff and begs for Dark's help, but Dark refuses and leaves him to die after discovering what happened to his and Suki's cubs. After the battle, Dark leaves the pride's territory with Fleck.