Davy with ramona

davy with ramona

Davy is the love interest of Ramona Quimby in the second Ramona book, Ramona the Pest, though he does appear in the third and fifth books. In his debut, he is the only boy in Miss Binney's kindergarten class to wear shorts. It is revealed here that he lives with his mother, but it was in Ramona and Her Mother that it is shown that the reason is because his parents are divorced.

Anyway, Ramona is fascinated by two students, Davy being one of them, and the other being Susan. Davy doesn't seem to have a crush on Ramona, as shown when he runs away from her, when he gets mad at Ramona when she catches him and he jerks away, bursting his shirt buttons off, and during seat work, when she tries to help him, only misunderstanding Miss Binney by thinking his "D" was supposed to have feathers like a robin, when what she said was that one side was supposed to be curved like a robin. Another time, being the first rainy day since kindergarten first began, he says it wouldn't be him that Ramona was "engaged to" when she had a worm around her finger. Ramona later decides it would be Henry Huggins after he saved her from the mud she was stuck in, and eventually her boots, much to Davy's joy. Later, however, during the Halloween parade on Halloween night, Ramona, dressed in a witch costume (as "the baddest witch in the whole world", as she says because "baddest" sounded scarier than "worst") can tell that the pirate was Davy by his thin legs, and she kisses him. However, later, when he tells her she cannot catch him, she tells him he doesn't want to catch him.

However, she is friends with him still.

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