Delilah is the love interest of Chance in "Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco". She is an ally dog and a mongrel who eventually joins Riley and his gang. She tries to bring Chance back to Shadow and Sassy, as he had fled earlier after mistaking Riley's gang for reinforcements for the villains, Ashcan and Pete. That was when she met Chance and developed romance with him, much to Riley's dismay (because he hates humans and pets for mere association due to him being abandoned in a gutter as one during puppyhood). Despite saving Chance from a blood-red van and its drivers, she reluctantly turns him down just because Shadow requested it. She did, however, eventually quit Riley and his gang and used her smell and her heart to go to the home of Chance, Shadow and the formerly-sole female and still-sole feline, Sassy, and got adopted. Her voice is dubbed by Carla Gugnino.