The office donna
 Donna was an intern and secondary love-interest in the UK TV series The Office.


Donna's parents were friends of the regional manager David Brent. He offered her an internship, whilst warning his staff to keep their distance.

She only interacts with the younger staff such as Tim, Ricky and Dawn and blatantly disrespects David, even moreso than the other staff. After David inadvertently saves his employees from losing their jobs, Donna shows a more supporting attitude towards Brent. She is not seen in the second series as she has completed her internship.


Ricky the TempEdit

Donna took an instant liking to Ricky, giving him a flirtatious smile as soon as they were introduced. Due to both characters being fairly minor, their relationship isn't explored. At some point, Ricky offers her a ride home and they wound up sleeping together at his place. David was furious, but couldn't do anything about it. Donna and Ricky were later seen spending the rest of their scenes together.

Gareth KeenanEdit

Gareth showed a creepy interest in Donna. He suggested having Donna sit next to him as a way of teaching her the ropes, but was obviously just hoping to be near her. When he found out Donna had slept with Ricky, Gareth figured she was promiscuous and tried to get her attention, only to be angrily shot down. Donna called Gareth a "weasel-faced arse".