DJ Hale

Donna Joe Tanner better known as DJ is one of the main characters of Full House and its spin-off series Fuller House. She is the older sister of Stephanie and Michelle. She is also the former love interest of Steve Hale and is the wife of the deceased Tommy Fuller. She is the mother of Jackson, Max and Tommy Jr and is currently in a relationship with Matt Harmon.


Steve HaleEdit

Steve was orignally DJ's main love interest throughout Full House.

Matt HarmonEdit

Matt is DJ's veterinarian co-worker and is her new main love interest in the spin-off series, Fuller House.

Tommy FullerEdit

Prior to the beginning of the spin-off series, DJ met and fell in love with fire fighter Tommy Fuller. They were married had three children, Jackson, Matt and Tommy Jr. However, similar to the death of DJ's mother, Tommy dies in the line of duty when fighting fires, leaving DJ a widow and to raise their children on her own.

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