Dorothy Ann is the love interest of Carlos Ramon from The Magic School Bus. She is the class bookworm and looks for a fact in one of her books. Carlos has a crush on D.A. when D.A. is sitting next to Carlos on the bus. D.A. sometimes clashes with Carlos when Carlos makes bad jokes. D.A. helps the students especially Carlos with her knowledge. D.A. sometimes has romantic feelings for Carlos when she sits next to Carlos on the bus. She appears to be the smart one in the class. She is shown to be friends with Phoebe, Keesha, and Wanda. D.A. returns her feelings to Carlos when Carlos makes a lot of jokes and D.A. says his name out loud. She is shown to have a crush on Carlos in the series. * She is the only character with skirt peek panties (twice infront of Carlos Ramon attracted from "Goes to Seed", and "Cracks a Yolk").

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