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Dottie is the love interest of Pee-wee Herman from the 1985 film, Pee-wee's Big Adventure.  

She is played by EG Daily who would later voice Tommy Pickles from Rugrats, Buttercup from the 1998 Powerpuff Girls show and Rudy Tabootie from ChalkZone.


He first sees her while Pee-wee is at a bicycle shop called "Chuck's Bike-O-Rama" before he discovers that his bike has gone missing.  After Pee-wee realizes that the bike was not stolen by Francis Buxton and Pee-wee refuses to let Dottie help him find his bike, Pee-wee goes to a fortune teller's shop to discover that the bike is far away and hidden in the basement of the Alamo and Pee-wee tries to find the bicycle by hitch-hiking to San Antonio and discovers that the Alamo doesn't have a basement.  He calls Dottie on the phone to apologize for what he have said earlier.  After a dance to Tequila and a crash through an advertisement sign and going to the hospital. Pee-wee discovers that his bike is at Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, California and decides to disguise himself as a nun to get his bike back and Pee-wee ends up in a wild chase to the burning pet shop before the police can arrest him and Pee-wee tries to explain everything to the head of the Warner Bros. Studios, but Warner Bros think Pee-wee's story is excellent and great as Dottie arrives to give Pee-wee his bike back and the two reconcile.  At the drive-in theater, Pee-wee and Dottie began dating after selling all the snacks to everybody from his adventure and is reunited with his bike.  By the end of the film, she and Pee-wee rode off in their bikes as the film comes to an end.