Eleanor in Dear Diary

Eleanor Miller is the third of The Chipettes, younger than Brittany and Jeanette. Her last name is Miller in the 80's cartoon, but she does not have a stated last name in the CGI films and series. It is presumed to be Seville in the films because of The Chipettes being adopted by Dave. However, this would be controversial, as this would make her Theodore's adopted sister rather than his love interest.  

Biography Edit

80s Series Edit

Eleanor is self-assured, cute, sweet, confident, obedient, and extremely maternal. She is a gifted athlete, despite her larger physique. Eleanor is quite strong-willed and is far more likely than the timid Jeanette to stand up to her sister Brittany when she feels that she is wrong.

Eleanor gets along great with Theodore of the Chipmunks. They are very open about their relationship and have many similarities. For example, they both love food and are interested in cooking.

CGI Films Edit

Eleanor has a much softer and childish personality; she acts almost exactly like Theodore and seems extremely naive.

In the second film, Eleanor arrived, along with Brittany andJeanette, in front of the residence of former big-shot manager Ian Hawke. He agreed to manage them, as well as adopting them. Eleanor expressed the most interest in meeting the Chipmunks, especially Theodore, but was discouraged to do so by Ian with his lies. After enrolling in West Eastman, she finally got to meet him face-to-face, falling in love with Theodore. She continued to show eagerness in hanging out and getting to know him and the other Chipmunks, but her hopes were constantly being squashed by her manager. Ian was very cruel to her, making a rude comment about her weight and making her feel bad about her height. She and Jeanette were pushed further away from Brittany because Ian showed favoritism toward her. Though she was hurt by this, she held nothing against Brittany and decided to keep quiet in order to reach their dreams of becoming big.

CGI Series Edit

Eleanor in the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series is much like the Eleanor of the 80s series. She lacks the insecurity about her weight as was portrayed in the CGI films and once again shows off her cooking abilities (Jeanette Enchanted), maternal instincts in treating the injured (What A Gem), athletic fitness (Family Spirit), and disdain for Brittany when she acts to dismiss Jeanette (My Sister The Weirdo).

Relationships with Theodore Edit

Theodore Edit

Eleanor and Theodore are the most open about their relationship. They spend lots of time together and enjoy the others company. Theodore has given Eleanor a necklace. They are shown to be married as adults.