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Ellie Phillips is a colleague of Chase McCain and Frank Honey's love interest in the video game, LEGO City Undercover. She is seen in several video calls to Chase. She is voiced by Jaimi Barbakoff.

Background Edit

She has a heart of gold but it's hard to do her job sometimes without being bossy, such as when she needs to keep Chase focused on his missions.

Notes Edit

  • She has a southern accent.
  • Ellie looks after the requisitions office.
  • Duke Huckleberry is her uncle.
  • She has a big dog.
  • She lets Natalia Kowalski walk her dog, however Nataila is kidnapped by Forrest Blackwell, it is unknown what happens to her dog.
  • Some crooks are allergic to her dog.
  • Even though Frank crashed the truck she's sort of responsible because she told him to get the truck as a favor for her.
  • In the promotional's pictures she has a sleeveless shirt. However in the game she is wearing a shirt with sleeves.
  • Her role in the LEGO City Undercover is similar to Maria Hill's role in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes.

Appearances Edit

LEGO City Undercover