Emily is the girlfriend of Mike from Power Rangers: Samurai and Power Rangers: Super Samurai.

Her StoryEdit

She became the Yellow Samurai Ranger after she joined the team and her sister became ill. It is often that she may have a crush on Mike, it is revealed in "Clash of the Red Rangers", Scott says that Emily sees the way he looks at Mike.

She later on helps Mike battle a Nighlok when Jayden, Mia, Kevin and Antonio's bodies were swapped and Mike uses the Black Box to summon the Claw Armor Megazord after Mike swaps bodies with a Nighlok as Emily has feelings for Mike. She later gets her soul taken away by a nighlok. Then wakes up then falls back a sleep. Then mike runs and starts slashing at the wall telling the nighlok to come out and face him. Showing love towards Emily.

She later used the Black Box and battled a Nighlok. In the end, she allowed Mike to help things with her sister and begins a relationship with her, presumably dating.

She also made a cameo in Super Megaforce along with Mike.


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