Emily (the yellow samurai ranger) is the girlfriend of Mike (the green samurai ranger). In some episodes it is hinted that even Jayden (the red samurai ranger) has feelings for her. She too deeply cared for Jayden but chose Mike.

Her StoryEdit

She became the Yellow Samurai Ranger after she joined the team and her sister became ill. It is often that she may have a crush on Mike, it is revealed in "Clash of the Red Rangers", Scott says that Emily sees the way he looks at Mike

She later on helps Mike battle a Nighlok when Jayden, Mia, Kevin and Antonio's bodies were swapped and Mike uses the Black Box to summon the Claw Armor Megazord after Mike swaps bodies. She later gets her soul taken away by a nighlok. Then wakes up then falls back a sleep. Mike is worried, showing love towards Emily.

She later used the Black Box and battled a Nighlok. In the end, she allowed Mike to help things with her sister and MAYBE they started to date.

She also made a cameo in Super Megaforce along with Mike.