Emma Goodall

Emma is the girlfriend of Troy Burrows and the crush of Tyler from Tyler's Adventures Of Power Rangers Megaforce and SuperMegaforce.

Her StoryEdit

She first meets Troy while Troy was the new kid at her College. She becomes the Pink Megaforce Ranger with the help of Gosei. She fell In love with troy when she see him and troy fell in love with her when he saw her.

She and Gia Moran are best friends ever since they were six

She has a crush on Troy. She is shown as troy's love interest of Troy the whole Megaforce and in Super Megaforce. She pretended to married to Orion in United As One episode. She starts dating Troy after they defeated Emperor Mavor. But when Tyler develops a crush on Emma he startes spending more time with Emma. Later Troy gets jealous and tell his true feeling to Emma and they began dating after Emperor Mavor get defeated Then Emma Was Hypnotized By Gia's Corrupted Morpher She Was Asleep And Gia Snaped Her Fingers And Emma Spinned Her Head And Clucked Flapped Her Arms Like Chicken Wings She Started Pecking At The Ground For Worms And Layed Eggs In Tyler's Adventures Of Mermaid Magic Full Moon.

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