Ethan morph
is the Blue Dino Thunder Ranger in Power Rangers Dino Thunder. He is the love interest of Angela

His StoryEdit

He's the blue Dino ranger and he became the boyfriend of Cassidy in the half of the season. He was really in love with her and he was really romantic.

When he took her to a romantic picnic he wanted to keep their relationship safe. But after the picnic, Cassidy decide to break up with him the day after the picnic and just stay in good terms which Ethan was okay with.


At the end of Dino thunder, when Ethan decided to go to a movie theater instead of the prom based on his view of the torrential process of prom tradition, he met with another blonde white girl there, named Angela at first they were okay to watch the movie together until Zeltrax came back in which he had to leave. But after rethinking the prom thing he and Angela went to prom together as they also was there to cheer for Kira who was playing at the prom.

He returned in Megaforce, but didn't take off his helmet.