Love Interest

Full Name

Eve Draper


Mrs "Blower", Eve


Hot Fuzz


Girlfriend of Martin Blower and fellow actor in the theater


Beauty, immense lust, seduction, charm, crazy laugh


Flirting with Martin, cowering up to him for protection, being in Shakespeare


Be naked with Martin forever and become a famous actress

Type of Love Interest

Sexy Love Interest, Deceased Love Interest

Eve Draper was the Love Interest of Martin Blower in Hot Fuzz. She is played by Lucy Punch.


Danny Butterman apparently knew Eve at school and remembered she had an irritating laugh and a lust for older men.


Eve was first seen when Nicholas Angel pulled her boyfriend Martin over for speeding. After a brainwashing technique, Martin apologized and invited the policemen over to his Shakespeare play that evening. Nicholas just said they can't accept gifts from people they've officially rebuked and told him to jog on.

However, in the performance that evening, (which was so awful Eve killed Shakespeare) Eve and Martin (as Juliet and Romeo, respectively) kissed each other lustfully then danced sexually in front of everyone.

Martin congratulated Nick and Danny for turning up and Eve laughed raucously when Simon Skinner spoke of bashing her head in and unearthing her secrets.

However, Eve cowered up to Martin for protection and they met in secret afterwards to drink champagne and kiss. However, Simon Skinner barged in and chopped off Martin's head in front of a shocked Eve, and her own head was found next to his on the motorway later in guise of a car accident.