Evelyn Carnahan is the love interest and later the wife of Rick O'Connell from The Mummy trilogy. In the first two films, she was portrayed by Rachel Weisz whereas in the third she was portrayed by Maria Bello.

The Mummy Edit

Evelyn started out as an orphan after her parents were killed in a plane crash attributed to a curse connected to a mummy. She first met Rick while being in the Cairo Prison and Rick disguised as a guard. She asks him how to get to Egypt. She and the three others entered Egypt in the riverboat Sudan with other passengers and discovers the Hamunaptra. She manages to find the fabled Book of Amun-Ra, the ancient golden book that contained the texts and archaic incantations of the Old Kingdom of Egypt. Rick begins a romantic relationship with her. She then looks at the mirror and discovers a scarred man in dark robes. She and the group entered Hamunaptra as the met up with Bein Gabor's group. She, Rick and Jonathan entered to the lower chamber and bagan to pry at the ceiling as they try to find the golden Book that is under the statue. Imhotep, who has been mummified 3000 years ago is ressurrected Evelyn is kissed by Imhotep and she, Rick, Jonathan and Daniels return to Hamunaptra as Rick battles Imhotep and Rick wins and he, Jonathan and Evelyn escape. Evelyn begins to have romantic feelings as she and Rick begin to kiss as they rode off in the sunset. Evelyn and Rick were married and had a son named Alex.

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